Looking for Implementation. OpenGL ES


I am working as an embedded engineer for a large company in Germany.
I am looking for OpenGL ES implementations that works under Renesas SH processor and Windows CE.

If somebody has any experience that would like to comment or present a product, I thank you for the information.


you can contact TES electronic Solution GmbH http://www.tesbv.com/index.php?site=TES_EN_3_evru a software based OpenGL ES 1.1 renderer for multiple platforms like C64x DSP, ARm9, ARM11 cpu. Some demo video at www.youtube.com/TESDemo

QNX Software Systems offers hardware accelerated opengl es under QNX Neutrino on some Renesas boards. However, it’s certainly not Windows CE.

But if you’re interested in taking a peek:

A list of board support packages (BSPs) we offer (which includes a wide range of Renesas boards):

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