Looking for GL driver under Linux

Working under RedHat ,
I have no any hardware for OGL support,
wanna use Gl requred software
where i can get it?

OpenGL on Linux usual named “MesaGL” or “Mesa3D” (for legal reasons) Look http://www.mesa3d.org/ but i asshure what you haw it on your RedHat

mesa3d.org won’t help very much since the mesa3d implementations you’ll find there use software rendering.If you’re using a version of X >=4.0.0 then gl drivers are already integrated in X.So check out your video card’s manufacturer site for the newest drivers(if the card is supported) and dri.sourceforge.net for info on how to enable direct rendering.If you have X 3.3.6 or lower check out the utah glx project.If your card isn’t supported you can use software rendering things will be slow.

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