Looking for Documentation.

Hi all,

I just spent a month leanring DirectX and made a little game with it. So now I’d like to port it over to OpenGL so I can compare the two APIs.

I found using DirectX unbelievably easy probably becuase the documentation on MSDN is upto date and nearly complete.

After searching a while I found that the best place for OpenGL documentation is again MSDN, even though its version says 1.1.

So is MSDN the best online resouc for openGL reference?

What are some other good reference links?

Searching Opengl.org site I didn’t find too much, and many links to resources were broken.

I’m looking for function reference, and technical reference.

Whats the best source?

Thanks for any help.

The hardest where starting OpenGL is first to create a GL window. After that it is much easier.

GL is mainly a state machine, with some “objects” ids for textures, Vertex Buffers, Display Lists…

About GL versions and extensions :
In fact under windows you always program with OpenGL 1.1, but you ask for extensions every time you need extra features.

You can start with the Red Book :

There are many outdated parts, but you will have a grasp on the main points.

For API reference, you can sure use MSDN.
But for this, I tend to prefer the pyOpengl doc.
It is for a Python binding, but very useful :

Broken links on opengl.org ? Which ones ?
Here you can download the official specs (not really for starting, but very precise) :

For tutorials, there is of course NeHe http://nehe.gamedev.net (the first lesson is the hardest one, give a look at the second lesson)

thank you