Looking for an OpenGL book for beginner


As a Quake fan, I’ve always been interested by OpenGL and its possibilities. I’m looking for a GOOD book to learn OpenGL and its principles from a beginner perspective. There are a lot of books out there concerning OpenGL and I’d like to be sure to choose a good one among them.

I’m a computer engineering student who mainly programs in C++ and Java for the Windows platform. All suggestions of book will be welcomed.

Thank you!


Best book is OpenGL Programming Guide put out by the OpenGL ARB. Latest edition is 3 which includes OpenGL 1.4 and before.

You can download or view the 2nd edition from OpenGL Programming Guide

Also there are tutorial sites available through the Coding Resources section of this site (from main page).

Additional info can be ascertained from the specs and extension registry available from various sections of this site.

This site has OpenGL tutorials that are mainly focused on Windows: nehe.gamedev.net

I went for OpenGL Game Programming and wasn’t dissapointed. Although it has a few shortcomings it has some pretty neat stuff as well and also teaches you some basics about Win32 programming if windows is your flavor.

Thank you guys!