Looking for Adv. GL Programmer to help - Job

I’m working on a project. I’m new to opengl. If someone has a few hours to spare to help me in exchange for money, it would be great.
My budget is small, but this could be some extra money or extra help.

what is the project and what extent of help is required?

I will contact you via pvt message.

The project is to help me with the demo that I’m trying to develop. I have to render 256x256x256 slices into a cube. I was thinking to have one little cube for each pixel. I have to be able to move with a camera.
I already have some of the stuff working but I need help with optimization and direction plus some code.

You can use a 3D textures of 256x256x256 instead 256 pictures/slices of 256x256.

Is you slices (semi-)transparents or not ?
(if not, you can draw only the 6 faces of the cube, cf. 6x256x256 2D texels, instead of to draw 256x256x256 3D texels where the vast majority of them aren’t visibles)

it’s more for something that look like x-ray or rubik-cube ?

well, a rubix-cube would imply the whole concept of it, which is to move different sizes… so no.
but not like a 2d xray either
I just want to build hopefully, small cubes to make a big one with each cube assigned a pixel of the image
I have 256x256x256 (256 images )
I have kept working on it, so I have some stuff but when my N is larger than 64 it goes crazy. However, in the forum some suggestions have been made already which I’m following.

I need the rendering to be fast since my objective it to move using multi-touch, which I’m already able to do it with a small N.

anyways, if you want more details, PM.

refer to this thread for more info: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/…amp;#Post297952

I think I can do this myself now. I would be nice to have some help, but people here in the forum have been really helpful.

I have respond at http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=297955#Post297955

Why want you a separation between each voxel ?

No, I don’t want to seperate each voxel.