Looking for a good text on programming animation.

I decided to try to program a 3D massivly multi-player online rpg… Single handedly. Its a rather daunting task, especially when you don’t know the theory or implementation of high quality realtime 3d animation. I was looking up different books on Amazon.com, but it is hard to tell if they are any good. If anyone knows any good books that will teach me how to actualy program 3d animation, could you please post their titles. It would be best if it is for c++ and opengl since they are the only programming language and graphics Api that I know. Or if you know any good web sites that deal with the programming side of animation please drop a link. Thx.

Hi, I don’t know of any good books on the subject, but the comp.graphics.animation FAQ might be of help. I dont know a direct link, but if you go to www.faqs.org you can look it up easily. Good luck on the rpg!

Old GLman

I found the faq at faqs.org, but the web site that it’s on doesn’t seem to be working, I’ll try it again later. Thx though. Anyone know any other books or websites?

I found it’s best to learn experimenting. Try to get things moving on screen with keyboard and mouse movement. After that you an get them to move on there own. Basic trig helps when you are doing complex rotations.