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Hi all,
I am planning to do a project on 3D home walkthrough. I did draw some object. And I use gluLookAt() to move by changing z component of eye position, but keeping the center constant. As suggested in some older post, I am not planning to change zoom factor by changing the fovy as it does not create a real walkthough effect (please correct me If I am wrong).
I have to do some rotation also. My implementaion does not solve the problem. It moves the camera and eye position and rotates. Casuing the image to rotate.
Let us take an example, I rotated my house and currently it shows my side door. I want to enter the house through the side door. Can you pleas elet me know how to do that. A code example will be really helpful.

I have render() function to render the image. and rotateImage() to rotate the image.

Deek**** M