lofting surface

I have to display a 3D wing.
A wing is built by connecting its (DIFFERENT) sections together.
I’ve got each section’s points stored in a 2D vector.
(of course… the vectors have the same length)
Now, is there a simple way to connect these sections and make a surface?

I thought: It is a such of extrusion! … I’ ll use this tool:
"The GLE Extrusion library "

… but now I think it can’t be useful because… it “moves” ONE 2D shape…
while I have to connect at least 2 (different) section and make a “cone-like” surface… + or -

Thanks a lot

I think it is a good idea to use the GLE library. If you look closer at it will you see that it is powerful and flexible. It has calls to make cones and more general can the 2D shape be modified. You can also among other things let GLE calculate the texture coordinates and averaging the normals. Connecting two GLE shapes will not be a problem. Take a closer look at:

You can of course do it yourself but I think that would be harder.