LOD libraries?

Anyone got a link to a good, simple LOD library in a DLL?

I am looking for something that just takes a vertex, indice, normal, and texcoord array, and returns a set of detail-reduced arrays. I would like to use a library, not an external application, because I want LOD reduction to be an automated process, internal to the engine.

This is a pretty simple and common need. There’s got to be something out there like this.

I looked at GLOD, but it seems rather bloated.


I think you have to write it yourself, LOD is most often done by the artist and not by the engine.
and besides, you only need like 2-3 lod levels, anything more than that is just overkill.

take a look at Cal3D: http://home.gna.org/cal3d

I read through a few examples and implemented an edge-collapse method that works pretty well. I might release a dll that does LOD and shadow volume calculation, since these are basic useful functions.

In my opinion, most of these mesh libraries fail because they overcomplicate things, when the user just wants them to handle one simple routine.