Loading textures like 1:5:5:5 directly


On the one hand we have DDS format that supports textures like 1:5:5:5, 0:5:5:5,
5:6:5, 4:4:4:4
on the other hand we have corresponding OpenGL internal formats like GL_RGB5_A1, GL_RGB5, GL_RGBA4.

So why couldn’t we load directly say 16 bits 1:5:5:5 to GL_RGB5_A1 and have to convert the data to GL_RGBA consisting of GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE’s instead, that then would be converted by driver to internal GL_RGB5_A1

Or I’ve missed some appropriate extensions?


You’re looking for this?


Try unpack byte swapping, if it doesn’t work right away.

Note that this doesn’t work if you build mipmaps through the glu (glu is simply too old).

This requires EXT_packed_pixels. Fortunately every card I’ve ever seen supports this one.

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EXT_packed_pixels is a core feature since OpenGL 1.2.


It’s exactly that I need.