loading RAW files / general model loading question


I wrote a little RAW loader. The POV Ray RAW format only lists raw vertex data
and object names. I export my RAW files from Cinema 4D. It looks like there is
no system in the winding of the objects. Some objects are given clock-wise, some
are counter-clockwise.

Does someone know why the objects are specified with random windings ?
Is this a bug in the Cinema export code ?
Is there a mathematical way to find out the correct winding ?

And I have also problems to calculate vertex normals. How can I calculate
vertex normals from this raw (and maybe unordered) vertex data ?

please help me !


Hey, come on guys ! I really need some suggestions ! If someone is interested in seeing my source code, take a look at my site http://glvelocity.demonews.com/
thanks !