[load video]How to

I’m looking for help because i would like to know how to load a video in OpenGl and then to use it as texture.
Is there a particular library or method to do this?
Thanks for the help, I’ll wait for a reply!

There is different video formats.For mpeg movie type seelibmpeg2.I don’t see a tutorial on the web site,maybe there is some example programs with source code that come with the package. When you will be able to load the movie frames, look at this threadto make the streaming efficient under OpenGL.

If I remember well, Quicktime on Windows and Mac OS X can do that.

well, I use linux as env and it seems that libmpeg library runs on it. But I explain better what I want to do before using it.
My real purpose is to load a video to obtain fotograms for a program that use glut and glew libraries and to apply to each fotogram something that is made in my code. Does libmpeg library let me do this? Or Not? What can I do to solve this problem? Loading a video with libmpeg, do I obtain fotograms that could be processed?Does anybody know if I could find example code?
Thanks in advance!

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