Listen to Crazy Ivan! I believe he knows what he's talking about.

In Crazy Ivan’s post, he states that the problem is the QWHL drivers. For those of you whom don’t know, QWHL drivers are the ones that XP bitches about as far as authentication. Crazy Ivan got non-QWHL drivers with his XTSAY GeForce 2 MX400. Open GL works fine. Non-QWHL drivers are autnenticated, therefore XP doesn’t gripe about it.

but where can we get non-QWHL drivers? I have an Xtasy Geforce 4 MX 420 and i have no clue where to get those…can anyone help?

He got his on the CD that came with his. They’re the drivers that XP doesn’t gripe about. However, that did not solve my problem…so…I am still clueless as to what’s wrong with XP and Open GL. I’m getting p/o’ed, however I’m not gonna quit!

I tried to use the one from my cd and it still complained about it not being signed for XP…what shoudl i do now…i have all the new detonator drivers and everything…but, of course, i also have XP…so that right there could be the problem…shoudl i just give up and go back to ME?

Well ive never used XP but every serious gamer i know whos tried it has ALWAYS gone back to 98 or ME. Apparently XP isnt worth it when it comes to authentic drivers or whatnot, if it doesnt like it…well…nothing you can do, just wait for microsoft to get better at listening to their customers…think its going to happen? me either.

Heh heh…I just read one of the older issues of PC Gamer where they looked over XP to see whether gamers should upgrade to it…they said gamers really shouldn’t untill next year sometime or when Microsoft releases one of those upgrades. I just wish I’d of read it sooner! As far as the certification goes, Isn’t there a way to disable it, or no? Also, here’s another theory: It seems like the only people that have trouble are anyone with a card GF2 or later. People with GF3 and up don’t seem to have the problem. Now I do know that the GF3 is fully DX 8 compatible, whereas the older cards aren’t fully. Could that also be a problem?