Linux programers! What are your creations?

I am a linux programer too and i would really like if other would post url’s of his opengl applicition under linux. The best would be if not glut, gnome or kde library using windows would be these. Thanks for all :smiley: . (my web page )

you want to see what it is or see the code ?
if you want to see the “result”, here is my web page:
my project
for the source code (and all the tools, datas sources, …) you will have to wait a bit (I hope I can finish it this year). When I will declare it finished, I will put everything on a public server somewhere.

I hope I answered correctly…

[edit: I’m afraid my post sounds a bit harsh, sorry for that, english is not my native language]

Ther : I got a “forbidden” page while following your link.

Take a look at my project . Feedback welcome.

Yeah nice ! this recalls me one of those old games I played when I was child. But cannot remember the name (Nemesis ?).

How about the SGI desktop on linux!

Does it fall into your category :wink: (restarting coding after a loooong break)


My open source OpenGL-based modeler that runs under Linux:

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