Linux Playstation 2

Hey! Anybody buy the Linux Playstation kit yet?? I’m thinking about buying one. What are your opinions?

Can you post the URL of a site that has this? I’m looking for a version for DreamCast, perhaps I can find a link there.

And when is there going to be an Xbox linux :wink:

There already is, you just have to mod your xbox before you can use it…

I already got one. It’s pretty cool. Comes with lots of development stuff, and a hacked OpenGL-like library called ps2gl. I would highly recomend it as it’s a great value for $200.

Oh heck! This is cool!

My question now is: What would it take to make the X11/Unix version of GLFW run on PS2 Linux? What are the X11/GL differences compared to “standard” Linux? Is there GLX?

It would be cool if you could make a disc with minimal Linux (kernel + X11 + GL) plus GLFW and your game/app, and you could run your Linux/X11 games on PS2 too

Actualy as far as I know the normal way of using ps2gl is not through X at all. It’s from the console. So there is essentially no GLX at all, just ps2gl. There is a seperate X11 Server that behaves much like a framebuffer X would on a PC, ie sloooooowly.

So you’re saying when ps2gl runs from the console it’s fast? And in general, would you say the PS2 runs liuux fast.

Yes. ps2gl is fast. Fully accelerated openGL-like library, that runs on the console.

I have not been working with it for a few months now, so I may be a little out of date with the current development. There was some issue with the ps2gl libs being a dma channel short or something along those lines – so it ran a little slower that it should have, but it was still accelerated, and I think that that issue has been fixed since…

Linux seems to run fine on it. CPU performance is something like an early pentium or so.


Next question (having read a bit about ps2gl):

Would anyone be interested in a GLFW port for “plain” PS2 (not ps2/linux)? I think it would a pretty simple port - most of the GLFW API would not even have to be implemented (threads, desktop window management etc), since there is no PS2 equivalent of them.

Erm, ‘GL’ on a PS2 is erm very slow.

It is based on Mesa 3D 3.4.1 and limited to console only mode (640x480) has only line, triangle and some texturing available, along with depth test, alpha blending and a few other things. A version of GLUT is also supplied.

No X support is given at all, neither does it take into account the VPU, IPU, etc that are in the PS2.

However I have been playing with PS2 for awhile and have managed to compile and link the SGI Open GL Sample Implmentation (SI) source tree version 1.2, fails to run lack of support for GL in current X (3.3.5) but used 3.3.6 of X to build the SI source tree. So full X-GL support for PS2 make take a little while.

For more information go to I will add some downloads shortly (about 25MB). Only a little of the actual SI source tree was modified mainly this was makefiles and rules to accomodate the PS2. At the moment not much is there but this will grow shortly, just need to play with NFS mounts (argh!).

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