Linux demo of my OpenGL engine

I’ve been working on a simple OpenGL based game engine over recent months, and I finally found the time to attempt a Linux port. Luckily, using SDL has made the process easier. I’d be very grateful if anyone who has some spare time could download it and try it out on their Linux box.

The only caveat that I can think of is that you need to have the SDL runtime libraries installed; version 1.25 (or 1.2.5?) should be fine.

The demo was compiled with g++ 3.2.2 running under Mandrake 9.1, so you will probably need a distribution that is as recent as mine, simply to get the correct runtime C++ libraries (I think).

Also, the main music file doesn’t seem to work under Linux (FMOD thinks it has an invalid file format), so you wont get any music. You should hear the sounds when you use the buttons though.

Run the demo using the shell file, as it sets up the load library path to pick up the shared libraries.

Anyway, if you try it and it works, let me know:

Linux distribution
FPS value, graphics card, processor


escape - quit
f1 - help
f2 - test menu
tab - toggle console
wasd move the camera

Good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


Okay… I see a simple lit stationary cube in shades of gray… Am I missing something?

Mandrake 9.1
160 - 185 fps
Athlon XP 1800

And what is the test (F2) thing about?

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The cube is the only 3d object in the demo. The main focus of the demo is:

  • test cross platform support
  • test Gui engine, of which F2 is a part. It doesn’t do anything, but if you type in text, click the button and open the console you’ll see some simple output. Check out test.lua to see what’s happening and why F2 is important (to me)
  • test the scripting and integration with other parts of the engine
  • test the audio
  • test the input

I haven’t focused on the 3D side of the engine so much as that’s not the most important part for me at the moment.

Thanks for the info; I’m really glad it worked!

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t more. GF2 MX isn’t a very good card (not bad either) and sometimes people have ATI specific functionality without comparable NV functionality or vice versa. Also, I could not get console to pop up (F12) either before or after entering anything in the test dialog of which there was only an exit button.

Oh sorry - I changed the console key to tab. I discovered that when debugging the demo under Win2k, F12 actually causes a user breakpoint to be triggered. I’ll check the documentation, I thought I updated it.

Thanks again

Also, you may actually want to post this in the Linux forum as most Linux users probably view that more often.