Linux bridging the xbox and opengl

does opengl hw acceleration work on the xbox under linux? I saw tuxracer running on a screenshot but I don’t know if it was software or hardware.

There’s a challenge about running a linux distribution on xbox.
Some people have been able to run it, but opengl performance is crap. Last time tuxracer ran, it was at 2 or 3 FPS ! I don’t know if they got better since.


M$ is trying to not implelment OGL in any of there stuff anymore. Currently M$ only comes with OGL 1.1 to get a later version you need to get a graphics card that has support for OGL 1.4(ATI and nvidia do this on comp) on XBox I doublt they have any OGL support. Ive heard that because Doom III uses OGL and M$ wants Doom III on XBox they may start supporting later versions of OGL(at least on xbox) but it will be awhile before that happens. Ive heard that xbox uses a nvidia geforce 4. nvidia has great linux support you could try to dl the linux drivers and compile them on your xbox.

Originally posted by nuke(work):
Ive heard that xbox uses a nvidia geforce 4.

In fact it’s a boosted GeForce3. It can process more vertex and pixel shaders in the same time, but does not offer new functionalities.

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