Linux AMD64 drivers from nVidia

I’m planning to order an AMD64 system and want to know if someone has already some experience with the Linux AMD64 drivers from nVidia?


V 5331 gets past the 4 gig barrier on textures. The drivers are getting there.

What does this mean? One can use more than 4GB of texture memory (if enough main memory would be available)? Is the hyper-transport bus fast enough, to use the main memory as “2nd level” texture memory of the graphics card? What about the max texture sizes of 2D, 3D, and cubemap textures then?

What about the driver stability?

Could you post the supported extionsion string?

i use em, they work

I haven’t gotten the NVidia drivers to work on my AMD64/FX-51 system to work yet. Edit the run NVidia’s installer and edit my XF8Config file per the README and when I enter startx my system appears to lock up.
I will keep searching for an answer, will repost when I find one… unless of course someone has already posted the answer.

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