I don’t know if this is bending the rules of this discussion forum, but…

A few topics ago (BSP) somebody put up some links on BSP trees. I found these links had some very good information on them. I have trouble finding good content on the net, so I was wondering if people could reply with some of their favorite sites on 3d graphics/openGL.

If this isn’t a good idea for this forum, just say so.


A Great Idea!

I have no good links though. I usually find that my trusty red book and my C++ book are quite cool. is good for file format descriptions and occasional bits of code, but then again this is what a forum is for.

(ie, asking in this forum if anyone has written some particular file loader, will most likely get you responses that will be of immediate benefit)

If anyone has a problem, they can ask a specific question, and get a reply that is specific to them.

When you start getting into developing your own apps & games, this is usually a lot more helpful than tutorials.

although, I must admit, the bsp links were possibly the best I’ve seen, then again, you wouldn’t have got them if it wasn’t for the forum…

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I’ve only been at for 5 minutes, but it’s an excellent site. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I probably never would have found it, but I’ll probably spend an hour or two tonight checking out all the info. Thanks…
…and I hope there are more replies to follow.

If you’re looking for links then try not only it’s a great site… he also has some good links.

Then there’s =). A very cool site, with code of the day, image of the day, some other thing of the day, and cool tutorials and stuff. Good for game developers!