Linking to glut32.dll

Hi all,

I have a very weird linking problem when I copy my code to my professor’s computer.

Just to let you know, everything runs fine in my computer. Executable runs fine and I can see the graphics.

So then, I want to show it to my professor, but I can not run the executable in VC anymore (I can still build).
The error message is something similar to the following (I can’t remember the exact error message):
“Cannot locate the entry point for “glutCreateWindowWithExit” function in glut32.dll”

If I copy my entire folder into his computer, it runs FINE for the first time. But if I changed the content and rebuild again, it will display the above message.

We also tried other testing conditions by giving my code to my friends’ computers and it runs fine. Also, my professor can run his ohter students’ codes, just not mine.

Can anyone help me on this error?
Thanks a lot!!!

you might need a different version of the glut32.dll. its a smaller file then what comes with the computer. i think you can find it on this site. if you need it and have AIM, my SN is shrunkenhed666.

Um… He uses the same library as mine. We both use the library that is downloaded from the website.

By the way, I am new here. What is SN??