linking glut to visual c liberary

I am trying to install opengl.
I copy openglsystem32.dll files to windows drive and copy glut.h into include folder of visual c but when i compile visual c file i recive error :can not open glut.h
help me pz

The compiler can’t find the glut header. That means it’s not in the right folder (a folder the compiler knows about). Either put the header in the folder with the other opengl headers, or add the directory path to wherever you put glut.h from VC tools menu.

I created a folder called SDK right off my root C drive. I keep all my stuff in it… nice and neat. Not that I have a neatness fetish or anything. No. Not at all.

Hmm, usually you don’t need to add an opengl.dll, it comes with the graphics drivers (so make sure you’ve got new ones). Normally it should be in /windows/system or system32.
For glut, go get glut here and follow the instructions in the zip file to install the dll (goes along where opengl32.dll is), the lib and the header. Usually it’s in /<visual studio>/vc98/lib and …/vc98/include/gl, if I remember correctly. Add /PlatformSDK after vc7 if you have .net