Linker errors when Compiling in Dev-C++

The errors i’m getting are orruring when compiling a GLUT app. Here’s the errors, has anybody seen them before??

c:\documents and settings\viper\desktop\hw3\hw3.o(.text+0x17):hw3.c: undefined reference to __glutInitWithExit@12' c:\documents and settings\viper\desktop\hw3\hw3.o(.text+0x3b):hw3.c: undefined reference to __glutCreateWindowWithExit@8’
c:\documents and settings\viper\desktop\hw3\hw3.o(.text+0x67):hw3.c: undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit@8’

It is entirely possible that I’m losing it, but I seem to remember running into a similar problem because the code I was compiling used a variant from the standard glut… It was under an MS env though.

Did you include glut32.lib on the library includes? And are they the right version?

I have the exact same problem. I’ve put the glut/glu/gl headers in the include directory, I’ve put all the libraries in the lib directory, specifically added each one to the project, and put the 3 dlls in the windows system directory. none of this has gotten rid of the linker errors. Any ideas?

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