link error!

fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive
Error executing cl.exe

Ya I had this error on my windows box also.
You have to include stdafx.h in all your c++ files.
Would you like a template for a windows opengl application?

But I have already put the stdafx.h in my C++ files.By the way ,I run the program in Microsoft
Visual C++.
Thank you all the same.

A template for a windows opengl application?
I haven’t heared about it! Does it suitable for
work? Surely, I need it very much.How to get it?


I could zip it up and email it to you this evening if you wish.

Could you email it to:
or Any help is goog to me.

Did you get it?
Any use to you?

Did you get it?
Any use to you?

I haven’t got it yet. When you are working in your office, I deeply sleep at night time. Your konw that I live in China.
If you have set it to my email box,maybe, I think there is something wrong with the email box,that is ,it can’t receive the letter from abroad.But I don’t kown why.Do you have any suggest for me?
Thank you!

I will post it on the web and you can pick it up from the web. I will send you the url here.