Link Error :|


I Just started working with Dev-C++ and OpenGL. I got a wave.c sample working after experience a linking error undefined reference to __glu*. found the answer to that in the FAQs. But now I just installed directx 8x and I’m getting a similar error except now the files don’t have the @12 (or somenumber) appended to the end of it. Since I have the dll in the home directory of the program I’m not really sure why it was working but now it stopped, I went so far as to drop them in the C:\windows\system, but still getting the same issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here.


Hi !

When a function call has @xx attached after the name (and an ‘_’ in front of the name) this means that the function was declared as using the _stdcall calling convention.

If you don’t have the @xx in the error messages that means that your function calls don’t use _stdcall, this is normally always used on most of the win32 API calls, so if you do expect them, check that you have included the correct header files and so on.