Lightmap generation.

I was looking into building my own light map generator for my maps. Using what i would consider a “new” teqnique, expecialy since i dont use BSP in my engine. More to the point any how, a little while ago, i saw a post on the main page about a light map “sorter” that would take the hundred or so light maps geneated per space, and sort them into ONE light map. I was curious what that URL was, (Since i CANT find it now) and also, if anyone has used it?

Basicaly my idea consists of something like this. I wanted to take each “room” in my map. Break it up into Planes (each plane containing the polys on that plane). And for this plane, test the distance from the light to plane, every 6inches (im using 1 foot units, and figure 1 texel per foot for the light map, but i would like a blend of 4 to create that one) down the plane. Then if there was nothing in the way of the light to reach the plane, that point would be calculated and colored based on the distance atinuation, as well as the color of the original light. This way even shadows(from objects in front of the plane) will be created. I only seem to think of 2 major problems with this. 1, i will wind up with ALOT of light maps, that i would like to blend into 1. And 2, toooooo sharp of shadows, which i think i can fix with a “ambient” light control setup. Anyhow, does this sound feasiable? Or does any one know of an easier? better? way?

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Unless I misunderstand you, that approach doesn’t sound novel at all… that sounds like standard point sampling for lightmaps with 4-point supersampling as the only option rather than as an option for increased quality and increased compile times. You’ll still run into all the problems that go with point-sampling a continuous function using this approach.