Lightmap Brightness and Quake3-Like Problem !


  1. I’m using Shadowmaps to put light into my scene.
    This results in very dark gfx. How to increase the Gamma ?
    I know Quake 3 uses something like gl…Ramp Stuff. I’ve no idea about it.

  2. Quake 3 has a problem. The models are not shadowed in realtime.

So in my scene my model has normal brightness because of no shadowmaps on it. The map has it so the model doesn’t look like it’s in the scene correctly.

How can I calculate a shadowmap for the Model or increase the map brightness or decrease the model brightness ?
or what would you do ?

Thanks anyway,


try using GL_ADD or ADD_SIGNED_ARB instead of GL_MODULATE
or use a different blending method,
quake3 i believe alters textures colours when u load them in (ie it doesnt use gamma)

Quake3 does alter the gamma ramp hardware in Win9x. In WinNT 4 it refilters the textures to make them brighter. Not sure what it does in Win2K or WinXP at the moment.