Lighting Too Bright


I’m working on a CAD project and I can’t seem to get the lighting right. My light source is coming from a fixed direction and so when a shaded part is rotated and is directly facing that light source, it is really shiny. I’ve tried reducing the light intensity and the shininess but this means that, at certain angles, some parts appear too dark.

Is there any way to reduce the shininess while at the same time avoiding these dark areas? Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Lighting in OpenGL is multifaceted. Lights have a number of properties including Ambient, Diffuse and Specular. Materials (Surfaces/vertexes) also have a number of properties that can be set independently including Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Emissive and Shininess. These you set through glMaterial*(). In your case I suspect changing your Specular and Shininess material properties should solve the problem. But make sure to read the documentation on glLight*() and glMaterial*() to see what else will help.