Lighting and sound conflict


I’m using OpenAL for sound effects in a Windows GDI program. The OpenAL sound works very nicely.

While converting the program’s graphics to OpenGL, I find that turning on a light with glEnable(GL_LIGHTING) turns the sound off.

If I disable lighting, the sound comes back on.

Can you please help me to look for the cause of this.


I’ve been using OpenAL with my OpenGL game on Windows. I couldn’t track one bug that caused the game to crash occasionally when accessing sound source. Even alIsSource could throw an exception!
I wanted to post this as a bug report, but OpenAL’s mailing list is poorly moderated - my post was never published, although you could find some repeating spam on that list.

My bet was that I was overwriting some memory, but it was always the same thing - accessing sound sources - after some battle I gave up OpenAL and switched to portaudio.
Of course portaudio is only for playback/capture of sound - I had to create a simple 3d sound engine, but it took me only few hours.

Have a look at BASS (available for Windows and OSX):
It’s free for non-commercial use. I switched from Direct Sound 8 to BASS once and never turned back. Recently I wanted portable sound engine so I looked towards OpenAL and finally made my own with portaudio.

Thanks very much for the recommendation on a new sound engine.

I tracked my problem down to a coding error on my part, but it still took me 2 days to find. It was stupid.

I will look at BASS and see if it is easier to use than OpenAL.

Take care.

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