light system

I would create a 3d rappresentation in an enginiering c++ project.
I use opengl and the meshes should be illuminated not with a complete light system(is not a game) , but i think with a simplified system , in that the mesh is alwais completely illuminated, and appears in 3d.
I think to use a point light placed in the camera position , that is a parameter that change every frame, instead the lightcolor and the materials change at the initialization of the shader , can be a solution?


Hi Giuseppe,
it really depend on what you want to do.
If you want to use standard light system with a light in the camera position, then using the standard light system with a light in the camera position is the correct solution.

Witch version of openGL are you using? The standard illumination system has been removed in oGl3.1, and you can implement a lot better illumination with shaders.
CATIA (is not a game) use different pass to enhance the edges of the shape, manage transparency and highlight selected object.

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