Light not working

Hi. I am new to OGL and started developing my engine(aiming for n64 level graphics) a few days ago. It is known as dirt and being developed by team dirt. Now, I am working on implementing some basic lighting. The problem is, whether lighting is enabled or not, placed next to it or far away, etc, etc, etc, the geometry looks the exact same as with no lighting code. I am basically asking what are some things I should check for in my code that could be causing the light to not change anything. I am using GLUT too, but that shouldn’t affect my lighting code.

Thanks for your help,

What texture environment mode (GL_MODULATE, GL_REPLACE, …) do you use? If you use setup that ignores contribution of vertex color, the lighting will be not visible.

I had been using GL_REPLACE, but when I changed it to GL_MODULATE, everything worked fine. Thanks for your help Komat, I don’t think I would have found that on my own.