libwave library


I’m trying to use libwave, which allows you to read obj files and draw them in your program, but I keep getting a lot of errors when I try to do a build on my project in MS visual studio 2003. I know the problem is with gl.h, that is where all my errors are coming from and specifically a lot are coming from int apientry and WGDAPI. Has anyone who’s used libwave had the same problems or would anyone know how to fix this? I appreciate any help you guys can give, thanks.


Include <windows.h> before you include <gl.h>.

thank you kszech, that worked =D now its saying though cannot find image.h with my “#include <gl/image.h>”. Are there any other headers I need to include for this, or is it just a matter of me googling this and finding it somewhere on the net and adding it to my project?