Library for modeler/CAD + VR app for OSX

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Hi all,

I’m trying to find the best library to use for developing an app which has something like a modeler capability, editing polygon/nurb curve/surface. I picked up the red book a week ago so still pretty new to openGL, but I need capabilities like selecting/picking and feedback, as well as modeling.

What I’m actually developing is is 3D VR type sequencer for music composition, where you can edit MIDI/OSC by manipulating 3D objects. I chose the audio library, now I need to find good graphic library to code to.

I’m currently looking into coin3D, Gizmo and OpenSceneGraph. I do have an option to go Windows, but I rather stay in mac because audio library is on mac, and I need to have two machine running instead of one.

Any comment/suggestion is appreciated.

I would love to help you with our latest beta libs on Gizmo3D. We are looking for projects that we can get mutual help out of.

What kind of OSX version are you using ?

You can also contact me at amo([at])

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