Library Calamity!

Help me! I have downloaded the GLUI lib to make a GUI interface for my 3D programs, but i cant get the library to work! I copied the .h file into the include folder, the .lib file into the lib folder… Is this all i have to do. I use Dev-CPP and when i try building the exe file the linker complains that it cant find the gui32 file. In my compiler options i have :
-lopengl32 -lglut -lglu32 -lglui32
What am i doing wrong?

-lopengl32 is really linking to libopengl32.a so if you have a .lib do I guess you have to type the whole name. The .lib is probably a static library so it can not be used anyway. If the package does not comes with a prebuilt *.a for mingw do you have to build it yourself.

Ummm, mango, 1 more thing, how do i make the library??