i’m working on a project to roll out a custom linux distro using LFS, SDL, OpenGL. Has any one done that before and if so please advise whether its achievable or not.

daniel lee

I have not done this, but the OpenGL part should be easy (including hardwre-accellerated OpenGL): The build instructions at http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/Building should contain everything you need as long as you stay with the free DRI drivers (which mostly means no hardware acceleration on Nvidia cards).


before i go on your mention of the no hardware acceleration for nVidia cards. what do you meant ?

For my project will be using nvidia FX series and Quadro. I hope the LFS and what you are directing me towards will be able to support nVidia cards.

please examplify your point.


It will be difficult if your distribution has to support hardware-acceleration for both Nvidia and non-Nvidia cards.
The instructions I directed you to will only give hardware acceleration on non-Nvidia cards.
You can probably find something about support for Nvidia cards on Nvidia’s website (Nvidia cards need non-free binary drivers. They will only work on x86).

There should be no problem with LFS and nvidia cards. I have built a system that’s based on LFS myself (ok, actually there’s not much original LFS left in it after a lot of manual updating, but that shouldn’t make a difference).

Just install LFS according to the book, then install X11 as described in the BLFS book. Then you have to install the driver from the nvidia website, it comes with a setup that works just fine on an LFS system.

This should be all you need for pure OpenGL. I think there are chapters in the BLFS book for SDL and freeglut, in case you need them.

hi overmind,

i’d put in about 12 days of at least 16 hours a day trying to use LFS, and currently i’m only at ch-6, may i ask for your direct assistance just to cut down un-necessary mistakes. please reply to me directly if its ok for you at mrdaniel@singnet.com.sg


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