Level of Details (LOD)

I want some details of following queries:

  1. Does OpenGL support level of details (LOD) to render some portion of an data.
  2. If possible then please give the details regarding it.

Thanking You

When you mean geometry LOD, there is nothing to support. LOD is something that’s implemented entirely on the application side. You just determine how far the object is away from the camera, and then decide which LOD you send to the GPU.

I’m sure a google search would turn up lots of demos and tutorials.

If you mean texture LOD, this is supported by OpenGL. It’s called mipmapping, and it is described in detail in the redbook (OpenGL programming guide, linked from the main page).

i know about mipmapping, but i want LOD to render a terrain.

VTerrain provides good resources:


As previously posted, LOD is application side, mostly done on the CPU, allthough there are now many derived implementations that take advantage of the GPU (and since recently geometry shaders, which seem to have a lot of potential in this area).