I have over the last month or so taken a large interest in openGL. I already know alot of C++, and i’ve bought a book on openGL (opengl game programming),and have read alot of tuts, and tryed to figure out how so many downloadable programs work, but it is just very difficult. I know all you guys know alot and i’m wondering where you picked up all your knowlege? Do you know of any good tuts online that talk in dummy terms, or any good books, what do you recommend for me to learn from? Well, i appriciate your help.


I learned how by following the tutorials on NeHe’s site.

The tutorials and the source code are pretty dang easy to understand there.

http://www.gametutorials.com is also a good resource, although they don’t go into quite the level of detail to explain things as Nehe does.


I have some (two sofar, actually) tutorials
on OpenGL. I’m currently trying to find
someone to design my page. So until it’s
done (the design), my tutorials will be
in .txt files…=(.

I hope my tutorials help!

OpenGL stuff I mostly learned from:

  1. The OpenGL Programmer’s guide (The Red Book)
  2. Reading through parts of the OpenGL Specification.
  3. Following the forms here.

So far as programming-specific knowledge, I think most of it has just come from experimentation. I maybe picked up a couple things in school, but I honestly learned a lot more on my own than the university professor’s ever taught me.