Learning OpenGL


Where do I learn about OpenGL?

So far I have found the following sites, but I’m looking for extra reading to this… can anyone recommend other good locations?


Does anyone have any other sources?

It depends on how you learn best.

Here are a few other sources to consider:

[li]OpenGL Wiki [/li][li]OpenGL Superbible, 7th Edition [/li][li]OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 4.5 with SPIR-V (9th Edition) [/li][li]OpenGL Registry - Sometimes it’s helpful to just read about a feature in isolation. The GL extension specs are good for that. [/li][li]OpenGL 4.6 Spec (Compatibility Profile) - Of course. [/li][li]GLSL 4.6 Spec [/li][li]Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming (McKesson) [/li][li]Learning Modern OpenGL (Filipek) - Links to other books and tutorials [/li][/ul]

Finally, when you’re net searching for an answer to a specific question, and you haven’t been able to resolve it by browsing the spec or extension expects, consider these google search queries:

[li]<search phrase> [noparse]site:opengl.org[/noparse] inurl:registry [/li][li]<search phrase> [noparse]site:opengl.org[/noparse] inurl:discussion_boards [/li][/ul]

Many thanks!


Having read this:

I now understand why the information that is generally present in OpenGL guides never really talks about how the GPU talks to the CPU and vice versa. There’s simply not enough control present in OpenGL to allow you to specify this like Vulkan will so all the information regarding OpenGL is generally on how to basically load the models and textures into the GPU and the rest is carried out by the ?drivers?. In other words, I think I now understand this concept that OpenGL is a specification! :slight_smile:

I like these ones too:


Thank you for these resources! This is a great website! :slight_smile: