Learning OpenGL

Hello. I really want to get into OpenGL, because I want to start my open-world zombie game project. To start with, I want to write a 3D engine with OpenGL, but I am having trouble finding valid tutorials.
The first one I found was on http://openglbook.com/. It is a very detailed tutorial, and written well, but it is incompleate and its progression seems slow. Its great for learning the basics, but its enough for what I want out of OpenGL.
The second one I found was on http://nehe.gamedev.net/. It contains alot of intresting tutorials and contains everything I need to know to make a game engine, but it is outdated (uses OpenGl 1 I belive) and someone told me that part of the tutorial requires a header file which is no londer avliable.
The third one I found was http://www.gametutorials.com/gtstore/c-1-test-cat.aspx. It is not free, but contains enough information in the OpenGL section to make a smashing 3D engine, but I dont know how reliable it is, or if it is up to date.
Someone told me that I should wait for the next edition of the ‘red book’ to come out, but he said it would be out in January and I want to start learning OpenGL straight away so I can get cracking on my project.

So my first question is, has anyone used the third tutorial I listed? And if so, is it up-to-date and reliable?
And my second question is, if you used anything other than one of these, could you be kind enough to tell me, or give me advice or refer me to a good OpenGL tutorial for my needs

Thankyou very much for your time :slight_smile: