Learning openGL

Hello, I want to begin openGL programming. I have experience in computer software, mostly database stuff and other types of desktop/web applications ie I have no experience with graphics programming. I would like it if you could recommend me some books that are good to begin openGL programming.

Thanks a lot

Hi !

The “Red Book” is available online if you want to have a look at it (not the latest revision, but pretty ok anyway)

Most book’s about OpenGL are pretty ok, if you are just learning OpenGL, what some of them lack is information about the latest extensions for OpenGL (1.4 and 1.5).


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I’d suggest visiting those sites first:

They have a ton of examples on OpenGL coding, from beginner to experienced.
When you’re done with them and still need a book, then I agree with previous post - Red Book is the one.


You shalt order the Red Book and keep it near your heart at all times.
You shalt treasure it like it was your own child.
Its… your precious… muahahah.

“Magic book of our Time”

I would also recommend the “OpenGL Game Programming” part of the Game Developer Series. Find it at your local borders. http://glbook.gamedev.net