layered transparent window in front of OpenGL-App


I am looking for help with the following problem:
I am running a program which continuously captures pictures from an external video source and displays them in a window. The background of the pictures is black. The window is configured as followed:

  • black is defined as transparent color (layered window).
  • it always stays in front of other windows / applications.
  • no title or symbol bar. No frame.
    Overlaying the semi-transparent window with other windows (including Direct3D applications) works perfect. Unfortunately there is a problem with OpenGL applications. The screen starts to flicker terribly. Both programs seem to alternate.

My questions are:
Is there generally a possibility to solve this with OpenGL?
Can this problem be easily solved (for example by driver configuration)?

The source code of both programs is available!
How to implement this in principle?

Thank you for quick response.

This sounds like a driver bug. What video card are you using? Are you using the latest drivers? Can you try the program on another PC with a different video card to see whether the problem persists?

If I remember correctly I think it an operating system bug, on windows 2000/vista/7 it works but on XP it doesn’t.