Layered Rendering - Set layer attachments individually

I’d like to know whether it is possible to set the color/depth attachment points with texture layers individually for each render layer.

glFramebufferTextureLayer - Is not usable, since the “layer” parameter attributes the layer of the texture you want to use for your attachment point (on render layer 0 I guess).
glFramebufferTexture - Is a bit nicer, but either assigns all Cube Map/Texture Array layers to all render layer attachment points in a logical way or does the same as glFramebufferTextureLayer.

There are no “render layer attachment points”. There are only attachment points, and the image attached can be either layered or not layered. So two textures cannot provide images for two layers in an attachment point.

There is also no single call to attach a subset of layers from a layered image to an FBO. However, by employing texture views, you can get the same effect. Just create a view of the texture that only includes the range of layers you want to use.

Ok, thank you. That cleans up a lot of possible questions.