Latest nvidia drivers (8756)

Do you encounter, as me, strange behaviors on fullscreen uses ?

Personally, my own programs refuse to switch to fullcreen because they can’t find suitable modes. Older releases of drivers generally only complain but let it to switch to fullscreen (which is done succesfully).

Games like UT2004 go to fullscreen but I only have a little window centered: when the desktop is 12801024 and the UT window is set to 800600, then the game switches to fullscreen but I can only see a 800*600 window centered at the middle of the screen… Strange…

X is set for 24 bits depth and 1280*1024 window resolution. I never encountered such a thing before.

Thanks for any comment.


I am having issues with 8756 drivers and glXChooseFBconfig. It returns a NULL list of supported pixel formats. glXChooseVisual works, though, but that’s not the point when it can’t support pixelbuffers.


sorry, this offers no insight into your problem, but I feel your pain :wink:


When I return back to the previous drivers, of course I don’t encounter any problems. I guess the problem comes with glx 1.4.
And I think telling that to them should also help future release not to have such bugs.

Well for more information: I actually cannot say if that’s a bug from the driver, from X, from games or from me since the xorg.conf is the original one and since it worked well for previous releases of the drivers… :wink:

My xorg.conf, for resolutions of the monitor looked like this:

SubSection “Display”
Depth 24
Modes “1280x1024”

SubSection “Display”
Depth 24
Modes “800x600”

But in fact, with some searches, it seems it ‘has to’ be like this:

SubSection “Display”
Depth 24
Modes “1280x1024” “1024x768” “800x600” “640x480”

which is more like XF86 configuration file. If that can help someone…

EDIT: With that last configuration, the driver works well.

john, I guess you need to take a deeper look at the glx specs. glXChooseFBConfig is a pure glx 1.3 function and there are differencies. I can remember I had some problems like this. Mainly, if I remember well, the glx attributes list is different:

Here are some part of that mentioned code:

   void SetGLX13Attributes()
      glx_attr[0] = GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER;
      glx_attr[1] = True;
      glx_attr[2] = GLX_BUFFER_SIZE;
      glx_attr[3] = /*color?color:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[4] = GLX_RENDER_TYPE;
      glx_attr[5] = GLX_RGBA_BIT;

      glx_attr[6] = GLX_RED_SIZE;
      glx_attr[7] = /*red?red:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[8] = GLX_GREEN_SIZE;
      glx_attr[9] = /*green?green:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[10]= GLX_BLUE_SIZE;
      glx_attr[11]= /*blue?blue:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[12]= GLX_ALPHA_SIZE;
      glx_attr[13]= /*alpha?alpha:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[14]= GLX_DEPTH_SIZE;
      glx_attr[15]= /*depth?depth:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[16]= GLX_X_RENDERABLE;
      glx_attr[17]= True;
      glx_attr[18]= GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE;
      glx_attr[19]= GLX_DIRECT_COLOR;
      glx_attr[20]= GLX_STENCIL_SIZE;
      glx_attr[21]= /*stencil?stencil:*/GLX_DONT_CARE;
      glx_attr[22]= GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE;
      glx_attr[23]= GLX_WINDOW_BIT;
      glx_attr[24]= GLX_LEVEL;
      glx_attr[25]= 0;
      glx_attr[26]= None;

   void SetGLX12Attributes()
      glx_attr[0]= GLX_RGBA;
      glx_attr[1]= GLX_DOUBLEBUFFER;
      glx_attr[2]= GLX_RED_SIZE;
      glx_attr[3]= 1;
      glx_attr[4]= GLX_GREEN_SIZE;
      glx_attr[5]= 1;
      glx_attr[6]= GLX_BLUE_SIZE;
      glx_attr[7]= 1;

      glx_attr[8] = GLX_ALPHA_SIZE;
      glx_attr[9] = 1;

      glx_attr[10]= GLX_BUFFER_SIZE;
      glx_attr[11]= 1;
      glx_attr[12]= GLX_DEPTH_SIZE;
      glx_attr[13]= 1;
      glx_attr[14] = GLX_STENCIL_SIZE;
      glx_attr[15] = 1;
      glx_attr[16]= None;

Hope that could help.

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