Last version on Windows


Is anyone could explain me how to get the last version of OpenGL on Windows… if it’s possible.
Otherwise, how to get the sources to directly compile them



We definitely need a wiki. Or maybe someone should pin an answer to it in each forum.

You question is being posted every month and it starts bo be really annoying(there is a search function, you know). But ok, I’ll answer it once more: there is no OpenGL for windows, the basic implementation is already build in the OS and the latest OpenGl implementation is provided by the driver of your videocard. As Windows de-facto supports only OpenGL of version 1.1, you will have query all additional entries as extensions(using the wglGetProcAddress function).

OpenGL comes with the graphics card drivers.

Get the latest driver for your graphics card from NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, 3DLabs or whoever.

Optionally if you want to you can also install the latest SDK from that same source.

Apart from that you should have what you need to write OpenGL programs. Include gl.h and link to OpenGL32.lib & .dll

If you grab an SDK then the gl.h and glext.h as well as glu.h will be included in the SDK directory structure somewhere. It’s up to you how you want to handle the includes, but the system interface to the driver never moves, it will always by the system OpenGL32.dll.