Last one on nurbs... sweeping a nurbs curve to draw a nurbs surface?

Sorry about all the posts today guys.
I’ll try one more. Basically what I’m trying to do is to have the user click on screen, drawing interactively the curve, then have the user move the mouse and as the mouse is moved a sweeped nurbs surface would be generated (which then would write out the points used). For instance, user enters a wine glass profile. Clicks enter, then uses the mouse and a surface is created from the curve profile. As the user sweeps the mouse, the angle goes from 0(line)-360(full surface). In this message I’m wondering how to use ogl nurbs objects and nurbs splines to accomplish that.
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Hi !

You can always have a peek at the source for the cagd library in IRIT:

This contains all kinds of spline operations, SOR, sweeping, interpolation and so on.

Another very good source is “The NURBS Book” by Les Piegl & Wayne Tiller (ISBN: 3-540-61545-8), it has very goopd explainations for all the algorithms.


Great, thanks for that link.