large texture problem

Any one else having problems with rendering large textures (ex 1024*1024)?

When I do this the scene rotates very jumpy, just like opengl has to much to handle. If I have meny small textures (ex 256*256), every thing works fine!

Maybe your out of texture memory. That would explain the slow texture performance. A texture that is 1024x1024x32 takes up 33,554,432 bits. That’s a little more than 30MB which is a pretty big chunk of texture memory. Whereas a texture of 256x256x32 is only 2,097,152 bits; Close to 2MB.


BTW, the 32 means 32bit color precision, not to be confused with the 3rd dimension of a 3d texture.



bit bytes bits bytes?

1024 x 1024 x 32 bits ==
1024 x 1024 x 4 bytes = 4 MB


SON OF A!!! You’re right. I can’t beleive I did that. Sorry about that mistake, gosh I feel like a complete moron now.

I thought something sounded not quite right. I said bits and looked at it like it was in bytes and everything went down hill from there. Bleh.


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Well anyway, reguardless if I got the numbers wrong or not it still shows that the larger texture, obviously, takes up more space. So if you don’t have your textures managed in a good way or out of memory or something, then texture thrashing will go on and since that larger texture takes up so much more memory, the effect of the thrashing will be quite great.


Dont’ forget that if its mipmapped, that an additional ~30%. I quick test you might try (If running under windows) would be to switch your desktop to 16bit, and see if your performance improves. Most Cards, unless told otherwise use the desktop color depth for textures.

Hope this helps,


in adition to what the previous poster said u will most likely see a performance increase when u use mipmapping, so enable it (if u havent already)