Laptop Advice, Please

I am majoring in computer science and would like to get a laptop. I will be using C++ and Java languages and OpenGL. I have heard that some operating systems are more reliable than others and that the hardware can make a big difference in performance. Could I please get some advice on laptops and operating systems. thank you.

OS: Linux. Very comfortable for developping & debugging

Laptop: not that much have a 3D card. Get one with an ati rage pro, or if you can with a geforce go (the laptop version of the geforce2)

We all know that the GeForce Go is the card to get in laptop, but what the differences between the others.

Is a Rage Mobility M any good?

I’m talking purely as regards OpenGL, I don’t care about D3D

Yes, the GeForce Go is probably the way to go right now.

I have an ATI M4 Mobility in my Dell laptop, and it isn’t bad … approximately 1M tri/sec seems to be the max rate. Supports OpenGL 1.2 on WinME. Although not fast compared to desktops nowadays, it certainly plays Counterstrike just fine.

I’d be interested to know what the GeForce Go is capable of … anyone?