KX133 chipset and Nvidia drivers

Last week I purchased an Elsa Gladiac 32MB DDR Geforce2 GTS. My current motherboard for my system is the FIC SD-11 w/ the AMD-751 Irongate AGP chipset. This is a problem, because I have to force AGP 1x to stop GL apps from crashing in X. My new motherboard will be arriving within the next couple of days. This one has the VIA KX133 AGP chipset, which will allow 2x/4x w/ fastwrites. My question is, how do the NVidia kernel/GLX drivers take to this chipset? Anyone have any success/horror stories they’d like to share? I just want to get an idea of what I’m in for. =) I’m not too afraid of how the performance will be, it seems to me that anyone who has had trouble with the drivers crashing the system were all people using Irongates. But I could be wrong.

I got myself one of them Epox K7xa boards - one of the first with the via Kx133 chipset. I’ve got an Asus 6800 Deluxe in it at the moment. The Nvidia drivers work fine under Xfree 4.0.

Only problems I had was my apps were still using the Mesa drivers that were in /usr/local/lib. So I had to remove them.

Also you may need to create a symbolic link in /usr/X11/lib/modules/extensions from the libglx.so.1.0.4 to libglx.so.1 .

On my setup, Xfree 4 didn’t find the glx lib unless it was called the latter.

Other than that, the whole setup works fine. Quake 3 runs about 10-15 fps faster under Linux than Win98, which is nice.

My only wish list, would be some support for the S-VHS in/out on my grfx card under Linux. … oh well.


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