Keyboard class unusable

I have a certain problem with an idiotic keyboard class I’m supposed to use instead of the regular methods that facilitate the interaction with the keyboard. My class is the following:

class Keyboard
static void
keyDown(unsigned char key, int x, int y)

    static void
    keyUp(unsigned char key, int x, int y)
    static bool
    isPressed(char c) { return _keyboard[c]; }

// private:
static bool _keyboard[256];

bool Keyboard::_keyboard[256];

Keyboard *k;

Now I guess that all my code lines are correct: I create a brand new method for my keyboard operations, I call it from the ‘display’ method, I have these 2 paramount lines in the main function :“glutKeyboardFunc(Keyboard::keyDown);
glutKeyboardUpFunc(Keyboard::keyUp);”, and I try to test it by “fprintf(f,”%d",k->_keyboard[’>’]);
%d",k->isPressed(’>’));" transfering the result to an output file.
And… the result is: 0 0.
What may my problem be? I admit I am at my very first attempts to handle OpenGL techniques, yet as this is a forum with regard to beginners I hope my question will not be reckoned as too stupid. Thank you!