just some help for how to start

i am on to start a project of strategy game with island,ships and heroes, and all mystic staff. Does anyone know a tutorial for how to build up the whole data for units and others?

this is not an opengl question…

What you need first is money, later on, hire the artists, give them your ideas… they’ll make concepts and start modelling, unwrapping, skinning, rigging and animating the models of your almighty heros.

If you never modelled you will fail, miserably at this… Unless you have years of experience, I doubt you’ll make anything acceptable good within a couple of months. Trust me I’ve been there, many, many years ago.

When you have a real OpenGL question, please come back. Until then, What you need is help on game engineering, design, etc. Which we won’t provide you and its certainly something you wont learn from a day to the other, mister.