Just released Spider3D v3.5

I’m taking a break from this puppy for a while. I had fun learning OpenGL and doing what I love most, programming game stuff .

Website: http://www.spider3d.com/

Spider3D v3.5 online documents: http://www.spider3d.com/documents/v3_5/

Forums: http://www.spider3d.com/phpBB/index.php

Spider3D GDK: http://www.spider3d.com/downloads/spider3d_v3_5_os.zip

Thanks you all for your help. You’ve all been the most mature people online who answer OpenGL questions.

I’m only taking a break from Spider3D programming, so I’ll probably answer OpenGL related questions once and a while here, and I’ll of course answer any Spider3D related questions at my forums.